Moshi Municipality is the Kilimanjaro Regional Headquarters located on the fertile southern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It lies approximately 3°18’ South of Equator and 37°20’ East of the Greenwich. It generally slopes progressively from an altitude of 950meters above sea level in the North to 700 meters above sea level in the South. It is bordered by Hai district in the west and Moshi Rural District in the East, North and South.

According to the Tanzania Meteorological Agency records (2012), the mean annual temperature is 25C, the coldest month being July with an average of 17C and the warmest month is December with an average of 34C. Because of its relatively higher altitude, Moshi Municipality has a moderate climate. The Municipality receives short rains from October to December and long rains from March to May with an average annual rainfall of 250mm which caused floods on Kiborlon and Msaranga Wards. To arrest the situation the government of Kilimanjaro region came up with proposed the project named construction of Semanini Canal(Storm water Drainage) under   sustainable Land Management the project aimed at diverting surface running water to natural river Kiborlon in order to avoid emergence of gullies and soil erosion on the downstream.


The picture above shows a situation before building storm water drainage


Mr. Boniface Ngowi a resident of Mnazi in Kiborloni explaining the situation before the construction of the new storm water drainage, Continue reading…